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500ml aromatherapy deffuser aroma diffuser

Product Type£º500ml

Product Model£ºUH130

Product Introduction£ºUltrasonic aroma Humidifier

Price Indication£º


1. 7 diffierents Light color flashing when working

2. Keep fresh and clean air.

3. Less noise while working.

4. 4 Hour automatic shutdown function to guarantee safe using.

5. Durable atomizing


Product name Ultrasonic Humidifier
Model number UH130
Capacity 500ml
Material ABS+PP
Mist output over 30ml/h
Power Supply DC 24V/500ma
Power 15W
Ultrasonic Rate 0.142MHZ
Product weight 655g
Product Size 165x165x208mm
Unit Package Size 172x172x245mm
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