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all in 1 multi usb cable usb multi charging cable

Product Type£ºALL in 1 cable

Product Model£ºN-MBC-290

Product Introduction£º3 in 1 cable, iphone cable, micro usb cable, usb C cable, type C usb cable, Android cable, usb charging cable, usb data cable, cotton braided usb cable, metal usb cable

Price Indication£º


1.    3 in 1 cable can support 99% smartphone power charging, including iphone 5/6/7/8/X/XS/XR, Samsung galaxy series, Huawei series

2.    Injection mold for durable and abrasion resistant


3.    High quality Nylon braided+PVC cable jacket which look beautiful and durable

4.    Metal case of connector which look beautiful and focus on high market.

5.    Copper conductor for better conductibility

6.    Support for Iphone 5/6/7/8/X/XS/XR/Ipad/Samsung/Vivo/Oppo/Xiaomi/HTC/Nokia/Sony/Android mobile/Huawei and other USB type C smartphone





Product 3 in 1 USB charging cable for iphone and micro usb and USB type C
Model N-MBC-290
Connector USB AM to micro usb, USB AM to Iphone, USB AM to USB Type C 
Use power charging
Length 1.2m
Outer diameter 3.5 mm
Cable jacket material Nylon, PVC
Cable Material bare copper or tined-copper
Color black, blue, silver, red, customize acceptable
Pins 2
Guage 2C(25*0.10)


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