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High quality micro usb & USB type C cable 2 in 1 charging cable

Product Type£º2 in 1 cable

Product Model£ºN-MBC-308

Product Introduction£º2 in 1 cable, micro usb cable, usb C cable, type C usb cable, Android cable, usb charging cable, usb data cable

Price Indication£º


1.    Micro usb connector for Samsung galaxy smartphone, Vivo smartphone, oppp smartphone, and other Android devices, USB type C connector for All type C mobile including Huawei Mate10 & Huawei P20, Xiaomi, 

2.    Injection mold for durable and abrasion resistant

3.    Copper conductor for better conductibility

4.    Charging and data transfer in one cable 

5.    Support Samsung galaxy series/Huawei Mate10/Huawei P20/Xiaomi/Vivo/Oppo/HTC/Nokia/Sony/Android mobile





Product Micro usb & USB type C 2 in 1 charging cable
Model N-MBC-308
Connector USB AM to micro usb, USB AM to USB type C male 
Use charging and data transfer
Length 1m
Outer diameter 3.5 mm
Cable jacket material PVC
Cable Material bare copper or tined-copper
Color white,black
Pins 4
Guage 2C(30*0.12)+2C(15*0.10)+AL


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